Need to let loose on a cold Monday? California’s Anne Klocko says her polymer girls are a wild and colorful bunch. This is her “Class of 2010.”

Anne has worked for 20 years creating 3-dimensional framed polymer pictures like this one.

She started out studying ceramics and sculpture, skills that helped when she was drawn to polymer’s color possibilities. You can see her figurative sculpture on her web site and at the Etsy shop she recently opened.

  • reply Margit Böhmer ,

    Thank you for posting Anne Klocko’s artwork, love to regard the “schoolgirls”, they have a peculiar charm, I also like the color work

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      LOVE her work! Everything about it just comes out and grabs me. What a wonderful Class of 2010!

      • reply Nathalie ,

        This is ART truly Amazing !!!! Love it !!!!

        • reply Tina Wade ,

          Love her work! Great job

          • reply Lupe Meter ,

            These are awesome! They do have a charm about them and colorful too! Beautiful work!

            • reply barbara mcguire ,

              Whew Hoo! This SO tells it like it is! Where’s the party?

              • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

                Wow, what a lovely bunch!
                Amazing work!

                • reply Karen Preston ,

                  Darn! I thought she was hosting a class. I love her work and her current beauties are terrific!

                  • reply Deb Raita ,

                    Great fun!!! Perks up the spirits on a cold, dark, winter’s eve.

                    • reply LaLa ,

                      I got to see her fab figures in living color! Her people are fun and fabulous! She will be giving a workshop in Reno in April that I am hoping to attend.

                      • reply Suzanne ,

                        what a colorful bunch of ladies! love it!!!!

                        • reply Fadila Osman ,

                          Hi, do you make customise flower cutters.

                          • reply Iris ,

                            Looking for a class in NYC.

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