Madrid’s Silvia Ortiz de la Torre thinks big and bright with these polymer-covered foil beads. Her stringing is fanciful and fun.

While we’re on the subject of big, check out this new video (at the top of the right column) from Hand Guitars that shows Jon Anderson rolling out one small component of a very large and complex cane.

Don’t you wish the process went as quickly and smoothly as this fast-paced movie?

  • reply Janie Zetsch ,

    Awesome cane video by Jon Anderson! Best viewed in full screen! I’ve always been in love with his work. His penquins are in my inspiration folder.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Marvelous work! I especially like her unique stringing designs, not to mention all her great PC FOOD

      • reply Michele Norine ,

        Love the beads by Silvia….but you gotta catch the utube video by Jon Anderson at the top right!! This artist is absolutely amazing – I’ve admired his caning for years and to actually see him construct a “tiny” portion is inspiring!! Did I miss this before?? If I did then the “senior moments” are getting more frequent!!

        • reply Silvia Ortiz de la Torre ,

          Thank you, Cynthia! It was a BIG! surprise to see here my last necklace. By the way, Jon Anderson is not the musician from the mythical group “Yes”, right? It takes me a long time to realise that he is another “Jon Anderson”. That guitar was a false clue and so I became disoriented.

          • reply Jeanniek ,

            I love all her bakery goods on her flickr page. Makes me smile.

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