Faux felines from Ukraine

Is it enamel? Polymer is such a fabulous faux medium that this necklace from Polina and Sergey Muha could fool you.

The Kiev couple assures me that they use polymer for the base shapes, friends’ illustrations for images, and resin for the glassy effect. “We love to work in collaboration with different artists, illustrators, photographers,” says Polina. In this necklace 15 cat illustrations, the work of Russian artist Rimma Coffeee, hang together happily on a cord.

While the concept isn’t altogether new, the look of the thin shaped illustration beads is young and fashionable.

One of the benefits of polymer’s popularity spreading around the world is that new artists look at the medium with fresh eyes. Genevieve Williamson sent in this link saying, “I find it interesting when people use polymer clay to suit their own purposes instead of feeling obligated to use it in any traditional manner.”

Turns out, the couple have been regular visitors to PCDaily. Do you know artists out there using polymer in unusual ways?

  • reply Norma's Clay ,

    What a nice approach on working with polymer clay. Looked at her etsy shop and saw that the necklace just sold. Her work is so delicate and bohemian! I love the feeling of the pieces!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      What special and well-crafted work they do with their faux enamel/resin! Their cat piece is so much fun and I am especially taken with their. “Sweet Foxy Brooch”.

      • reply Marcie ,

        “Feeling Obligated to use polymer in the traditional way” is something I have never felt. I think the cool think about polymer is that everyone is always trying to find something new to do with it.

        • reply Triche Osborne ,

          Wow, a two-fer! Both looks are great. The Muhas’ pieces have wonderful depth, detail (love that Autumn Bird design) and shine, and Williamson’s carved pieces appeal to my taste for texture and “future primitive” looks.

          • reply Becky Acosta ,

            Love the colors and the cute cats!

            • reply Debbie Crothers ,

              The shapes are so simple and funky. Totally love this piece. Thanks so much for showing us.

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