Designs that share the love

If it’s nearly Valentines Day, we must pay a visit to Tejae Floyde and her gallery of polymer hearts of all varieties…nested, pocket, winged, encased and more. “My passion is sculpting hearts with meaningful messages woven into the design, for others to share with those they love,” she says.

Tejae’s a heart expert and you can find instructions for her methods online at CraftEdu and in a number of publications including my dog-eared copy of the October 2008 Polymer Cafe magazine.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Beautiful and creative art for (and from) the heart!

    • reply Debbie Crothers ,

      The hearts are gorgeous but the little bird is probably my favourite. What a beautiful piece of art.

      • reply Kathy Swenning ,

        Congrats on the feature from a fellow PCAGOE member!
        Way to go.

        • reply tejae ,

          What a nice surprise!! Thank you Cynthia. I heart PCD!! 🙂


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