Another dose of color for you from Anna Anpilogova today. The warm colors of her polymer “mango” beads remind us that spring is not far off.

The text on her blog is in Russian and it’s fun to follow along on her studio experiments in Belarus. Anna’s Flickr pages give you the pictures without having to translate anything. She invents constantly and offers this simple faux chevron tutorial that ends with a sophisticated result.

Thanks to Claire Maunsell for the link.

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    • reply Sarah ,

      Love it! Her page is filled with inspiration as well. I love how she utilizes so many different techniques. Thank you!

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        Interesting, innovative, and inspirational!

        • reply jana ,

          While the design of piece is very beautiful in its simplicity, the colors are what immediately struck me in an almost emotional way – this combination has always been my favorite, and Anna does it _perfectly_ . Simply luscious..

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            Her take On Desiree McCrory’s faux chevron–which she credits graciously–is ingenious as a stand-alone technique. I Love it. (It is a hoot, by the way, to hit the google translate button on the blog–the unintentional poetry of it is something no one could have invented) Thank you, Anna!!!

            • reply Patricia Kramer ,

              Never under-estimate the power of the bead. I know all sorts of techniques and I sculpt… my work does well, Then I do beaded bracelets like Anna’s here and people go gaga! Love her colors, simply said! nice work.

              • reply Anna Anpilogova ,

                Thank you everyone for your kind and cheering comments! It’s a real pleasure to be featured on PCD!! I’m really encouraged for new experiments with this grateful material!

                • reply Susan Rimmer ,

                  The colours are perfectly mango – I love them

                  • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                    Those are dead-on mango colors. Really impressive blending.

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