Sculptural effect from inclusions

Big hollow polymer beads with inclusions are the latest creation from Christine Dumont who is also the founder of the popular European Voila Web site.

In the new beads small fluted “ossocopia” are embedded in the clay, with the tips of their horns protruding or with concave saucers recessed into layers of color, the newest twist in her sculptural approach to polymer beads.

Christine has been teaching workshops online and in several countries. Her butterfly beads flutter all over Europe. She’ll be teaching at Polymer Pamper Play in the UK in March. I hope your weekend is filled with lots of pamper and play.

  • reply Christine Dumont ,

    Cynthia, what a delicious honour to be featured on your site. I’m chuffed to bits! Thank you!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Love the unexpected designs, shapes and inclusions.

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        I’m thrilled to see Christine and her gorgeous new beads featured here at PCD. She is a wonderful person and a mega-talented artist, and a mentor to many people, myself included. Voila is a constant source of inspiration, and Christine is extremely generous towards her fellow poiymer clay artists. I have benefited so much from her expertise and her always honest crititques and suggestions. How fitting that she is featured here, on a site that touts the best of the best! Christine is a wonderful ambassador for polymer clay, and I am jealous of the people who get to take a class from her in person.

        Thank you, too, Cynthia, for featuring Christine today!

        • reply Triche Osborne ,

          Wonderful work! I love the sculptural quality.

          • reply Alison Gallant ,

            Congratulations, Christine, I particularly like the green one! Christine brought the collection to our London group meeting and the colours are even more beautiful close up!

            • reply Carol Blackburn ,

              Good to see you here, Christine and ditto to the above messages. Pity I missed the last London clay day so didn’t see your beads in person.
              I’ll see you in a few days at ‘Polymer Pamper & Play’ and at Petra’s ‘Play & Clay’ in Prague.
              Cynthia – thanks for featuring Christine.
              Carol xxx

              • reply Rebecca Thickbroom ,

                Congratulations Christine on the well deserved feature. They look as good in print as they do in person. As ever your attention to detail and finish is amazing.

                I have had the privilege of attending one of Christine’s workshops. Christine is an inspiring teacher encouraging you to push the boundaries. I can’t wait for Polymer Pamper Play so I can learn in person from you once more.

                Cynthia – thanks for the Polymer Pamper Play mention also – only a couple of weeks to go.

                • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                  Amazing precision and color combos on the featured beads! Thanks to Cynthia for showcasing Christine’s work, and thanks to Christine for Voila, and all that it has to offer.

                  • reply Christine Dumont ,

                    Thank you all for your kindness. I’ve had a wonderful week-end. Thank you!

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