After yesterday’s perfectly patterned polymer eggs and and symmetrical canes, Doreen Willey’s penchant for grunge beads feels delightful. Wednesday yin, Thursday yang.

California’s Doreen says, “It’s beginning to look like the grungier I can make my beads, the better I like them. Seems like I’m trying to make a mess.”

I so sympathize with her sentiments but I also know how tricky the fine line between grunge and garbage is. Doreen does good grunge. See it all on her Flickr site.

  • reply Alenka ,

    I enjoyed very much browsing through her Flickr site. She makes excellent beads!!

    • reply Doreen ,

      What a special treat to find my beads featured today on your blog, Cynthia! Thank you! I couldn’t figure out why my little blog was getting so many hits. Now I know why…it’s because of you! Woo hoo!!

      • reply Loretta ,

        I’m really liking these – way to go, Doreen

        • reply Beverlyjane ,

          If this is grunge….then I love it!!! Totally love those beads.

          • reply Sabine ,

            It takes a lot of skill and a good dose of intuition to make good grunge beads as Ronna Weltman has shown in her DVD’s and youtube clips. What looks so effortlessly put together needs to be planned well to look good and cohesive.
            I agree, one little step to far or too early and the effect is lost. Assembling them into a piece jewelry is wherein the extra challenge lies.

            • reply zouzou ,

              Bonjour !
              Merci à toi pour cette nouvelle rencontre !
              J’adore les couleurs, le style… un plaisir de visiter son blog !

              • reply Margaret La Rose ,

                I like em! Kinda have an old earthy southwest Indian look to them. Kinda Hopi.

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