Beads – before and after

Who couldn’t use a little “before” and “after” on a Friday? The thought of salvaging polymer beads gone blah sounds appealing at the end of the week, doesn’t it?

Take a look at how Anna Anpilogova solved her problem. There’s no wasting polymer in Belarus (or Boston or Bellingham). With some judicious carving (before on the left), Anna has turned ho-hum into hot (after on the right)!

Tidbits for the weekend

This link to Alison Torres’ video of Sarajane Helm creating an impromptu face from a lump of polymer is mesmerizing. I missed this tutorial of Geninne Zlatkis’ bird mobile during the holidays but it’s never out of season. Here’s the finished version. Have a dazzling weekend.

  • reply Mary Kianava ,

    I thought they actually looked pretty nice before. But the after is, well, COOL!

    • reply Lynn Lunger ,

      What a lovely transformation. Anna has given them a much more modern rustic feel. Just wonderful!

      • reply NormasClay ,

        Great! Not that they were so bad but the after I really love.

        • reply Triche Osborne ,

          Carving is one of my favorite techniques. It produces such a wonderful tactile surface—beads for the hand as well as the eye!

          • reply Valerie ,

            Love them. I love anything with a tactile feeling to fidget with, lol. Nicely done.

            • reply Barbara Poland-Waters ,

              I saw those on Anna’s flickr page, and thought they were really wonderful. I am new to Anna’s work, but have been enjoying looking through her Flickr photos. She’s really creative!

              • reply JeannieK ,

                They remind me of some kind of juicy fruit. Texture always adds pizzaz to anything. Well done.

                • reply genevieve ,

                  Carving has been my solution more than once when a bead didn’t work out – and it certainly worked for Anna here!

                  • reply LaLa ,

                    I also want to thank you for posting the sculptural links. The face sculpting by Sarajane was fun to watch and the bird mobile is adorable!!!

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