Sound and fashion designs collide

Santa Fe’s David Forlano is the western half of the Ford/Forlano design duo. (Steven Ford lives in Philadelphia.) The art magazine, Riveting Riffs, features David and his work as both a polymer jeweler and as a sound designer. He co-produces the suspenseful web series Cyphers.

David recounts how he and Steve ricocheted from art school to roofing jobs to polymer clay. He tells the story of how they sold their work at first in surf shops and later in museums. They continue to change.

David traces the thread of collaboration, innovation, and fearlessness throughout their careers which has taken turns not unlike the curving paths in their Ribbon Brooch at left. It’s a good read and he discusses the relationship Ford/Forlano have with the Texas design studio, Allie-Coosh. Prepare for a rich read and an inspiring story with lots of eye candy.

  • reply David Forlano ,

    Thank you for posting this article. Very much appreciated!

    I have a question for the readers of Polymer Clay Daily:
    Would you enter a $10 raffle to win one of FordForlano’s new “hydro top” brooches? We are raising funds to produce Season Two of Cyphers and FF will donate a pin to the campaign.

    Also, in the Web Series you may notice that my wife, Debrianna Mansini, plays Helen Sawyer and she wears FordForlano jewelry every time we see her.

    Cheers to all and thanks for reading!

    David Forlano

    • reply carissa ,

      Congrats to Ford/Forlano. Truly an inspirational pair of artists. It’s amazing that you’ve collaborated for so long and so successfully even when you’re so far apart!

      • reply sandy ,

        Cynthia – THX for an absolutely FABULOUS article!

        David – YES, I would definitely be interested in entering a $10 raffle to win one of FordForlano’s new “hydro top” brooches. Where?

        • reply Meisha ,

          Thank you for the YouTube link. As a long time admirer of Ford/Forlano work, I have been curious about how they collaborate. This is a nicely produced video, showing a little bit of insight to their working relationship. I’m always looking forward to seeing their latest innovations. Cheers, David and Steven!

          • reply David Forlano ,

            Hi all,
            @ Carissa, thanks for the kind words.

            @ Sandy-
            I am currently only floating the idea of a $10 raffle but will be sure to share the info when we decide to do it.

            @Meisha- and all…. we are completely rebuilding our website and it should look new in a month or two. Part of our plans in the next year will be to make a NEW VIDEO. Now that I have access and ability for higher production value we are beginning to craft a new story for the video. We are always curious about what people want to know so feel free to ask us .

            • reply Sera ,

              There certainly was eye candy at David Forlano’s website – but it was the photo of David himself 🙂

              His polymer work ain’t bad either ….

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