Extruded whirlwinds

These tourbillon (whirlwind) designs are from France’s Miriam. I admired them last week and wondered how she’d done them.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one wondering because this week she posted a tutorial on Parole de Pate that shows her method step-by-step. “Bien sûr,” I say to myself (and hope that the phrase translates).

Whirlwind designs resonate with me as I quickly pack to leave town for a week. I’m hoping that one of my travel mates has something interesting packed in her suitcase that I can bring you tomorrow. The next few posts will have to come from our on-the-road adventures.

  • reply Sarah ,

    How fun and very pretty! I can’t wait to try her tutorial! Thank you, Cynthia, for spending the time finding all these creative artists!

    • reply Louise ,

      It does . Bien sur is the right word.
      I love that you go and have a look on Parole as we frenchies call it. I think it’s great that Americans discover Europeans artists like we did when we started and went to learn in your neck of the woods.
      Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for polymer clay.

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        These are so beautiful–they remind me of the moonshells we used to collect on the Fla. beaches as children.
        I love reading the tutorials in French, as I do not speak a word of it! But it just sounds so much better to say, ‘les passer dans la machine a pate’ than ‘put it through your pasta machine.:)

        • reply Esther ,

          I have been looking for a tutorial like this for weeks. Love it and thank you for sharing this!

          • reply Janice Sears ,

            Great idea! She really got a three dimensional effect with some of those beads on her tutorial! Very beautiful!

            • reply Sarah S. ,

              The effect of the matt surface really carries the idea beautifully.

              • reply Perri J. ,

                These are beautiful – they have a botswana agate meets moonshell feel. I, too grew up on FL beaches….:^D So cool to be able to manufacture a physical representation of that memory now!


                • reply Créa'Sofimo ,

                  bravo pour cette mise à l’honneur, et encore une tite frenchie ! YES

                  • reply Ann ,

                    Wow, what a neat idea!!! I never would have thought of that!!

                    • reply Jackie D. ,

                      Wow – that is super cool! Definitely going to try that soon.

                      • reply Laura Katz ,

                        Is it possible to get her instructions translated? I tried to make the forms but had difficulty. Thanks. I hope you had a nice trip.

                        • reply cecile g ,

                          bravo Myriam pour cet article et le tuto très sympa

                          • reply Lorraine ,

                            I love these, and I just wanted to add my own tip – that if you roll the sheet flat rather than put it through the PM, then slice off a few thin slices from the sheet (as in Mokume Gane), you get an even brighter colour effect. Thank you for sharing the link!
                            Lorraine from the Isle of Skye

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