Moving out of your zone

These cane slice polymer earrings from Sandra McCaw looked lovely on Sandra. Quick pictures taken on a paper plate don’t do them justice but if you go to her site you’ll see more of these beauties.

The five-slice rectangles are bordered by a fine strip of clay topped with gold leaf. The findings are handmade and have the most delicate hammered hooks.

On another note, it’s oddly refreshing to watch this group of polymer clay experts struggle and make rejects and failures as they collaborate in search of new ideas. Amid the piles of not-so-greats, you can spot strange new successes. More about that with pictures as the week progresses.

  • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

    LOVE Sandra’s work! I could spend hours drooling over her beautiful pieces… 🙂

    • reply Trina Williams ,

      I have one of Sandra’s pieces from a swap of the late nineties. It is a pendant which I don’t wear much. Thinking of cutting it into earrings. Ouch! Maybe not.

      • reply Sue Urich ,

        Would you mention in an upcoming post where you are hob-nobbing with all these artists?

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