Gera Chandler has packed up her muses and sent them away. After visiting her studio for months they’re off to galleries and Gera’s Etsy shop.

These 12″ willowy wall-mounted polymer sculptures have thick fiber hair and gleaming gowns. Gera etches and scratches designs into her fabric-like polymer much like we saw on Claire Maunsell’s work yesterday.

You can see the whole glowing group on her Flickr pages. Heading for new homes, the muses are sure to inspire and delight.

  • reply Gera Chandler ,

    Hi Cynthia- thanks so much for featuring my Muses today! I’m sure they’re all attempting to tidy their hair for their closeups!

    gera –

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Stunning! The rich elegance of surface detail, color and design make these lovely ladies truly special works of art.

      • reply Kathy Weaver ,

        These are absolutely lovely! Unique and Beautiful!

        • reply jana ,

          Gera’s whimsical yet classic (how _does_ she pull that off?) style is so distinctive and identifiable….you can always tell it’s a Gera 🙂 Love these muses and their funky cool hair and patterned frocks…nice work, Gera!

          • reply jana ,

            p.s. meant to mention — I am in love with “Sunflower”! The colors, flowers, her womanly figure – the whole package! She’s perfect; I’m coveting her and wishing she’d find a home on my wall 🙂

            • reply Trina Williams ,

              A trip through her Flickr pages is very inspiring. The vibrant colors pop out at you. Love the clocks.

              • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

                ‘She Could Only Choose One’ makes me shiver with delight every time I see it.

                • reply Deborah Groom ,

                  Gera’s work is fresh and exciting. She had a way with colour that communicates something hopeful. Her textures and multimedia pieces are always a joy and much anticipated. Congratulations Gera.

                  • reply jacqueline ,

                    i viewed gera s entire flicker album , beautiful works, very inspiring!

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