Polymer relic style

Take a look at the new batch of work posted by California’s Selena Wells if you’re in the mood for more polymer that’s been written on and roughed up. That seems to be the theme that’s emerging this week. This ancient-looking pendant is actually a cyber-tribal piece entitled “Broadcast.” In the same vein, she posted a relic that’s a polymer-covered USB drive.

Selena often adds more intrigue to her pieces by embedding tiny cabochons into the clay. Here’s her Etsy shop.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    What timing–I just bought one of her pieces a couple of days ago–not only is her work mysterious and beautiful, it’s also very well priced, in my view. My dilemma will be whether to keep if for myself or give it as a gift to one of the many favorite family members arriving in May.

    • reply caren goodrich ,

      I love ancient….this is really nice and time-worn looking!

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