The UK’s Susan Rimmer led me off track as I was searching for more inscribed beads to show you. Susan has an intriguing way of quickly making a tried and true technique her own.

These pendants covered with extruded polymer strings look like modern sea urchins and demonstrate how she tweaks our expectations. Her site is full of similar twists and turns.

I found Susan from Carol Simmons’ Finding Inspiration post. Carol’s Flickr favorites are a gold mine for color lovers.

  • reply Carol Blackburn ,

    Hey! Susan. Great to see you featured here. Your lovely doughnut/donut (spelling ?) pendants look like you’ve used threads to decorate. Do bring them to show off at our London clay day on May 29th. It’ll be our 4th birthday celebration so it’s partytime with cake! Yay!
    Carol xxx

    • reply JeannieK ,

      These like thread or fibers if did not know it was clay. Very unique.

      • reply Marian Hertzog ,

        Thank you for the link to Carol Simmons flikr site… awesome! I like these sea urchins too!

        • reply Alison Gallant ,

          Congratulations, Susan! The colour combinations are stunning and the texture feels like threads. Looking forward to our London Clay Day 4th birthday party next month! Cake, yum!
          Alison xx

          • reply Christine Dumont ,

            Yay, Susan! Great pieces. We’ll see you all in London on the 29th. Anybody welcome!

            • reply MEISHA ,

              The sea urchin like pieces are beautiful. The simple analogous colors are subtle yet graphic at the same time.

              • reply Anita Brandon ,

                The “sea urchins” are so unique and special! Enjoyed exploring Susan’s sites and especially love her “Nikki’s Necklace”. (LUCKY Nikki!)

                Thanks for link to the Carol Simmons Flickr inspiration site. Surely inspirational.

                • reply MichelleS ,

                  Superb! We call Susan’s technique The Rimmer Wrap. These look so effective and Susan has a knack of making them very neat. Congratulations Susan!

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