Carol Simmons has been hunting for the best technique for covering eggs with veneers of polymer cane slices.

Now that she’s perfected her system and created a machine that will cut consistently thin slices, she’s pondering applying cane slices to other shapes and items.

Read about her pattern-choosing, color-selecting method here. Here’s an earlier PCD post with more information. Have a Happy Easter!

  • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

    When I got a glimpse of these beauties on Facebook my eyes temporarily froze in amazement…Carol’s work is impeccable… 🙂
    Happy Easter to everyone!

    • reply Lisa Clarke ,

      I never cease to be impressed by Carols’ canework. Absolutely beautiful!

      • reply JeannieK ,

        Very Pretty!

        • reply Dede Leupold ,

          I am constantly amazed at the scientific and precise ways Carol goes about her work. Love her color pallets too!

          • reply Sherry Bailey ,

            So beautiful!

            • reply lklein ,

              Eggs are beautiful in there simplicity. Here is the same technique applied to very complex shapes with fantastic results.

              • reply Carol Simmons ,

                Thanks for all the compliments!

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