Beware, Afi Tajvidi’s polymer characters are sweeter than Easter candy and just as addictive. This Toronto artist has a delicate voice and a soft touch completely in sync with her palette and her stories. Check out Hippopo shown here or the romantic Igie and JellyBelly.

Her dainty, fine characters are sometimes available on her Etsy Joojooland shop where she also sells her illustrations and jewelry. They’re nicely grouped on Flickr.

  • reply Meisha ,

    Hippopo looks like a perfect companion. I am impressed with Afi’s soft touch.
    The character and shapes are so refined. Very Sweet indeed.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      So gently sweet and whimsical, not to mention beautifully crafted.

      • reply Kimberly Arden ,

        I’ve been to Joo Joo Land several times! It’s always a lovely trip. Afi’s work is beautiful and delicate. Love it!

        • reply carissa ,

          if that hippo had cheeks and i could squeeze my fingers together that close i”d be pinching them! how adorable.

          • reply suzanne ,

            hippopo and friends are sooooo adorable!!!
            what a soft touch Afi has

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