Picking polymer winners

Elaborate hats, roses and horses are all part of the tradition at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby race. Ron Lehocky’s polymer heart pins may become part of the tradition too.

The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft is now among the galleries that carry the pins and the new Women Creative Gallery also sells them. If you’d like to support the project, write Ron with your color preferences and he’ll make a selection for you.

Ron has created and sold over 15,000 hearts with all proceeds going directly to the KIDS Center for Pediatric Therapies. We’ve followed this amazing project for six years and you can read more here.

Ron’s project is a “sure thing.”

  • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

    Oh how nice to wake up on such a rainy day (over 20″ in the month of April) and see Ron’s work get recognized on PCD. Ron is truly a Gem! He is such an inspiration to our KY/TN polymer clay group! Kudo’s Ron for all that you do for the Kid’s Center! 🙂 Thanks for the ray of sunshine on this not so pretty day Cynthia!

    • reply Judy ,

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        Ron’s labor of love “heartwork” is always so special and it radiates joy and hope. I love his new Kentucky Derby hat heart horses!

        • reply Priscilla ,

          Ron is both a gentleman and a gentle man, caring for kids in every way he possibly can. I am amazed at the variety of styles and techniques he brings to his hearts.

          • reply Beverlyjane ,

            I have read Ron’s story and saw his work earlier this year. He is a truly beautiful person. He has a huge heart of his own and those he creates are all beautiful.

            • reply JeannieK ,


              • reply Ronna ,

                I have some of Ron’s hearts and they add heart to my studio. Pun intended? Not intended? All I know is that if everyone who reads about his hearts today buys one, it will be a magical day. If you don’t already have your magical heart talisman, go for it!

                • reply Pat Lacy ,

                  I had the good fortune of meeting Ron earlier this year and want a gem he is. His hearts are beautiful and I take great pride in wearing mine. I plan to purchase more hearts this fall when I see Ron again to give to my friends. Love you Ron…

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