Tory Hughes‘ imitative agate beads are part of her spring collection (see collection parts 1 and 2). The Trebizond Treasure Collection includes faux stone along with antique beads, crystal, abalone and more joined together in a sophisticated melange. Her Aquarelles series glows with fresh spring colors.

Tory has been sorting and refining her website as well. Her new navigation makes bouncing between her teaching, gallery and coaching services much easier and brings them comfortably under one roof.

Speaking of sites…

PCDaily has been experiencing some hiccups in the past couple of days. Thanks for your patience. Stay tuned.

  • reply caren goodrich ,

    Of all my artist heroes, Tory has had the most influence on the direction of my polymer.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      You and me both, Caren–I ran across her book on faux techniques years ago and it was the one that across the years has resonated the most. Like all polymerphiles, I dabble in every new technique I can get my hands on, but it’s Tory’s influences that keep me going back to the studio. You can never go too faux…

      • reply Tory Hughes ,

        Hello everyone! Cynthia, thank you for featuring my new work on PCD. I enjoy making it tremendously, and there will be lots more. Caren, Randee, Trudy, and the others who’ve come by my sites, thanks so much for your kind words and visits! Best to you all- Tory

        • reply JeannieK ,

          I would have never believed the agate beads were polymer clay.

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