Color burst polymer

The back and the front of Lynda Gilcher’s “Color Burst” necklace are equally intriguing. Examining polymer work in person allows you to enjoy the construction and the details. Take a look at the back.

The disks are cane slices textured in a specially created mold. They’re mounted on shanks that allow them to be strung on a cable. Lynda’s idea is efficient and the effect is both delicate and eye-catching. Kudos for cleverness.

Lynda offers the supplies in her store and shows more of her work on her group site. (Another late night….I can’t keep this up!)

  • reply Barb Fajardo ,

    Fabulous composition and design…round textured beads…a woman after my own heart 🙂 Love Lynda’s work!!!

    • reply Anita Behnen ,

      Way to go Lynda…. beautiful!!!!
      She is such a talented and creative artist! Thanks for spot lighting her Cynthia!!!

      • reply Ania Brandon ,

        Love the piece and especially appreciate the unique design and construction. The opportunity to see the back side is a rare treat. Thanks!

        • reply Mags Bonham ,

          Pictures don’t do this necklace justice. It is gorgeous and an engineering marvel!

          • reply Priscilla ,

            So nice to see Lynda’s work featured on your site. She is quite a talented woman. Based on Mags’ comment, I hope I’ll get to see this in person.

            • reply Jan Montarsi ,

              It’s a wonderful piece Lynda cant wait to see it, I love it, nothing to fall off or come unglued. It’s also nice to see another member of our guild get recognition for there WORK, especially someone who puts so much work into our guild.

              • reply the blue girl ,

                her work is really nice, like everything you feature (can i call a blog ‘mouthwatering’?) but i can’t still find her shop?

                • reply StevenTas ,

                  Lynda your creative and clever artwork designs always astound me. This wonderful jewelry piece is another work of art! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great creativity.

                  • reply Joan Clipp ,

                    These are very cool, good work Lynda! Cynthia, I don’t know how you do what you do, but it means so much to so many, now go take a nap, you’ve earned it! And I will be doing an article on you for PolymerCAFE one of these days, just a warning, you’re the best!

                    • reply Lynda’s Work Featured » Lynda's Artistic Haven ,

                      […] of Lynda’s new necklace designs has been featured in a well know Polymer Clay Blog! Polymer Clay Daily written by Cynthia Tinapple has done a blog feature on Lynda’s Color Burst Necklace. […]

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