Sometimes examining work up-close-and-personal is a pleasant surprise. Here in Virginia, Jana Roberts Benzon‘s tray of pieces to be finished was an astonishing visual feast. Jana is best known for her intricate Arabesque line which photographs well. Her newer works need to be seen to be believed.

Jana’s sea sculpture brooches are tactile treats and her dimensional landscape pins need to be viewed from several angles to appreciate the full effect of their sliced and stacked construction. Flawless finishing is always a delight to see.

Here’s her Flickr site for more examples.

The weather is terrific and we work late into the night. I must get some sleep and bring you more tomorrow.

  • reply Ania Brandon ,

    Absolutely gorgeous and truly unique pieces of wearable art. I knew immediately whose beautiful work it was before I even read the text. Every new piece of hers I see leaves me hungering for more.

    • reply Melinda Hayes ,

      those are wild and beautiful. Love them.

      • reply Meisha ,

        I love Jana’s new directions….I’m proud to say I own an example of each of these styles. Jana continues to explore the possibilities of polymer clay, and I appreciate her enthusiasm for sharing these techniques. Jana is a real jewel.
        Thank you Cynthia for highlighting her amazing works.

        • reply Hazel ,

          Oh wow….the flow and movement of the first piece is am.a.zing, and the colour contributes to that in a big way too. It’s like a blueprint for beautifully cohesive designs!

          • reply christi friesen ,

            Jana rocks! She’s very innovative, really delicious work!!

            • reply Beadelz ,

              Jana’s work is so beautiful, it makes you wonder and wonder…..
              We are so happy to have Jana for two two- days workshops in Holland in September, we are looking forward to that. Thanks Cynthia for giving us an inside view of her work.

              • reply Julie Picarello ,

                Jana’s work is always mesmerizing…the intricate details of color and form captivated me. I can picture this piece gracing the neck of a mermaid, floating along with her as she swims in the sea. Lovely!

                • reply Beverlyjane ,

                  I always enjoy seeing her art. These pieces are no exception. I love the texture and flow of everything she creates. It makes polymer equal in looks to pure silver or gold.

                  • reply Adriana Ayala ,

                    I love her work! Dana’s style it refreshing and inspiring! Beautiful pieces of art!! Wonderful color rhythm and harmony in all her creations! 🙂

                    • reply Sera ,

                      When you look at the difference between the flowing organic lines of her recent work, and the architectural lines of her earlier cane work – it shows her true diversity of talent. Go Jana!

                      • reply Rebecca Thickbroom ,

                        Such lovely work. I have been a huge fan for such a long time. I cannot wait to meet you and learn from you at the Holland workshops in September.

                        • reply Maggie Maggio ,

                          The organic pieces are absolutely beautiful and the new work looks like fragments fallen from a Richard Gehry building! I just love the way Jana constantly pushes the clay in new directions – very inspiring.

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