Happy clash – trendsetting with polymer

Yesterday Laurie Prophater blogged about the Happy Clash trend (combining multiple patterns) that the Wall Street Journal says is occurring in fashion.

Laurie works in the decorating biz and she shares her insider’s view of fashion and design as it relates to polymer. Her links are a rich source of information.

As I continued my daily research, the next site that popped up contained this bright polymer mix from Madrid’s Silvia Ortiz de la Torre. The necklace screams, “Happy Clash!” Isn’t it fun to see polymer artists setting trends?

Look closely at Silvia’s beads and you’ll see that some have a very rough finish that’s also a popular technique. Roughing the surface changes the polymer’s plastic feel to something more pleasing to the touch, gives the beads a softer appearance, and adds another element to the riot!

  • reply Janice Sears ,

    I love her work! There is a piece on her flickr site that reminds me of planets and outer space! Very three dimensional and great use of color.

    • reply Silvia Ortiz de la Torre ,

      Thanks, Cynthia, for publishing my recent work today! I also experimented a “happy clash” when I saw it on your website, it’s always a real treat for me. This necklace exhibites a variety of textures and patterns, but I tried to harmonize using a selected range of colors. I always look for the quality that gives unity even in a mess: “libertad dentro de un orden”, that is what we say in Spain.

      • reply Susan Detwiler ,

        Oh how lovely. Such beautiful, riotous use of colours! I wish I was that brave with colours.

        • reply Margit Boehmer ,

          When I discovered this colorful necklace yesterday in Silvia’s flickr, I was enthused immediately. I like Silvia’s kind of approach to polymer clay very much. This necklace is very well composed in a surprising and unusual way.

          • reply laurie prophater ,

            Cynthia, Thank you for the link to ornamentalelements.com. I found the idea of clashing patterns very freeing. Certainly removed some design angst.

            • reply Jan Montarsi ,

              Very Nice Laurie !! I love the bright mix-n-match( or not match) of it all !!
              Anything Goes !!

              • reply Paige A. ,

                Silvia, your caning skills are amazing – if you ever write a book, I’ll be first in line to buy (I’ll even brush up on my Spanish!).

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