Classic Hyde faux fabrics

This black angel from Washington’s Susan Hyde is dressed for summer in her signature bright polymer ikat fabric. On Susan’s Etsy shop you can admire the construction (she photographs the backs) and design of these simple, stunning pieces. Her faux-fabric tutorial is a classic.

While her web site shows more, Susan’s Etsy site allows us to stay in touch with her most recent work and I was happy to stumble on it from Kathy Weaver’s Pinterest board.

Yep, I’m on Pinterest too. It’s quickly become my virtual sketchbook. Careful, it’s addictive.

  • reply Cara Jane (surfingcat) ,

    Thanks for the links. Susan’s angel is great and it was good to check out her Etsy.
    I hadn’t heard of Pinterest before but it looks great,I can imagine it is addictive.

    • reply Sue Sutherland ,

      We are fortunate enough to have one of Susan’s angels in our exhibit “Polymer -From the Beginning” at Woman Creative. It was pictured in one of Barbara McGuire’s books. We also have a nice selection of angels and madonnas for sale in the gallery. They are delightful!

      • reply Lyn ,

        Well you’ve done it again! Managed to divert another piece of my day and devote it to polymer clay!!! (I am so hooked.) Yay!!! Thank you! ~~Lyn

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          Such a special piece, from the top of the turban to the tips of the toes. The faux fabric in her pieces is fantastic! What a treat for the eyes.

          • reply Lindly Haunani ,

            One of my fondest memories of Ravensdale “one” in 1996, was Susan Hyde arriving at the conference store with a chock full basket of an incredible selection of brooches = Angels, cats and dogs- her fabric canes really make her pieces sing.

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