About face in polymer

Inveterate polymer experimenter Dee Wilder created these new story beads using Maureen Carlson’s new small face bead molds. Here’s the back of Dee’s creations. She made not only beads but a series of rings as well.

These somber looking faces can be embellished and manipulated to make their story serious or silly or something in between.

One of Maureen’s original beads totems stares at me from the kitchen window sill. Now I can make more to poke up out of the garden. I was thinking of whipping up these plant stakes in polymer too. (I’d much rather do that than spread mulch!) Enjoy your weekend in the garden or the studio.

  • reply Dee Wilder ,

    Thank you so much, Cynthia! I own tons of Maureen’s molds and use them all the time. No matter how many times I insist they are molds, folks still think I can sculpt. She is the most generous person to create these tools for us!

    • reply Maureen Carlson ,

      Thanks, Dee and Cynthia. I am thrilled when people use our molds in such creative ways. Love the addition of the back side to create Story Beads!

      • reply Karen Woods ,

        Wonderful Dee! Reminds me of netsukes with their little hidden surprises! Kudos to you and Maureen for sharing the molds with the polymer world.

        • reply Patrice Pfeiffer ,

          I just got back from taking Maureen’s class and she sent us the link to Dee’s beads. They are awesome! I live how she did the back. Maureen was really awesome…walking us through making our very own face bead….it even came out looking very interesting! What would we do without our wonderful teachers!

          • reply Jackie ,

            Amazing! I love the blend of colours Dee has used. Maureens faces are so interesting.

            • reply Heather ,

              Great find love the faces and the idea of story beads!

              • reply Sera ,

                Once again, Dee Wilder unleashes the creative bomb that is her mind! I never cease to be impressed by Dee’s work. She is one of our communities genuine artistic gems.

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