Polymer on the beach

California’s Dawn Schiller cautions you to keep an eye out as you head to the beach this season.

“While walking the beach, I happened upon a sea seidh (pronounced “seed“), one of the tribe of little folk that used to live in the forest but have emigrated to the sea. These tiny fae dwell in abandoned shells of all types — much like hermit crabs — and live on dark moonlight and the breath of fishes,” she explains.

  • reply Janie ,

    Just love that! Got to spend some time on the beach this weekend. We have lots of Hermit crabs here. Would love to see one done with one of those.

    • reply Valerie ,

      Dawn’s work has always been so whimsical and cute. These wee beach fae are awesome.

      • reply Beverlyjane ,

        WOW, this is amazing. Your are is very special and I truly enjoy looking at it.

        • reply Deb R ,

          How delightful!

          • reply Ann ,

            Oh now that is just tooo adorable!!!

            • reply Sera ,

              Their dear little faces crack me up. Working that small would give me an instant headache!

              • reply Cindy ,

                I just love her pieces. There is one in Christie Friesen’s Steampunkery book I especially like: a little guy in a pocket watch.

                • reply Susan ,

                  I thought that this was going to be about sea glass, but was pleasantly surprised 🙂 These little dears were probably watching me a few weeks ago as I combed a couple Narragansett beaches for the aforementioned sea glass…

                  • reply LaLa ,

                    I LOVE Dawn and her Oddfae creations! Thanks for including these little guys in your line up!

                    • reply Teresa ,

                      Dawn Schiller’s work is some of my favorite. It is always creative, light-hearted and exquisitely executed. I cant pick up a sea shell on the beach without imagining what little creature’ might live there.

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