How does she do it?

Debra DeWolff has revived her blog and just set up an image page full of juicy polymer work that will capture your attention.

Debra works with felt saying that, “There’s a very pleasurable tactile quality to felt and I enjoy juxtaposing the soft fuzziness of felt with the smoothness of the clay. Her recent work also includes metalwork.

A closeup look at this mosaic bangle will have you scratching your head to figure out how she embeds seed beads in blended clay colors so precisely.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    I think the seed beed bangle is an appealing and meticulously made little work of art. The precise positioning of all the seed beeds is amazing. The marriage of the felt and PC in the Pink Garden Bracelet is stunning and I especially like the polka dot beads.

    • reply Libby Mills ,

      Debra’s work is so beautiful, playful, vibrant with color and meticulous in detail. It’s great to see some of her images online.

      • reply Marian Hertzog ,

        Love the felt and polymer bracelets! Interesting combination… makes me want to touch it!

        • reply Lupe Meter ,

          Love this bangle! I agree, Debra’s work is beautiful and vibrant! Thanks for sharing this! I am going to have to try using felt in my PC work…love this combination!

          • reply caren goodrich ,

            Nice! I think she stitches the seed beads into the cutout areas of the already-baked bracelet, which is backed by black fabric or felt. The yellow felt then gets put in to cover up and protect the stitches. It also looks like she uses Czech seed beads, which vary in size a bit more than the more uniform Japanese seed beads. (That makes it easier to fit the seed beads into a predetermined space by being able to chose a smaller or bigger one.)

            My beading adventures started about 12 years ago by falling in love with seed beads. I evolved into making my own beads out of polymer and rarely use seed beads any more, but I love what Debra has done combining the two.

            • reply jana ,

              That is one _stunning_ bracelet! Loved looking at Debra’s other impressive pieces, too..

              • reply Alex Mitchell ,

                Wonderful artwork! I checked out her website and her work is amazing. Thank you for sharing yet another inspirational artist.

                • reply cindy ,

                  This is absolutely stunning! Love love love the blue background! really makes the colours of the beads pop. lovely work. Haven’t had a chance to check out her site yet but I will be very soon! I love hearing about these artists.

                  • reply Seth ,

                    Debra does such great work. Brava!!!!!

                    • reply suzanne ,

                      Debra’s work is absolutely stunning. the beads, felt and PC looks like i want to touch it!!

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