Leather, wire, cactus imposters

Track polymer and resin artist Camille Young on Flickr as she creates jewelry art every day during June. (Usually gamer icons are the subject of her art.) A Tucson resident, Camille didn’t have to look far for a model for this cactus cuff.

She makes a fabulous faux barbed wire which she used for a Western style eyeglass leash. Here’s her original faux barbed wire tutorial. The more recent version makes use of Sculpey SuperFlex clay baked over Stretch Magic cord.

Patty Barnes faux leather biker cuff was named the co-grand prize winner in the Rings & Things contest. Patty says that, “The use of polymer clay to create the cuff allowed me to explore a variety of surface textures, decorations and embellishments.” She’s moving on to punk, western, disco and other versions. Thanks to Janice Abarbanel, Susan Lomuto and others for passing this link along.

  • reply Cara ,

    Wow that’s so cool! Would be a real talking point to wear a cactus bangle.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      I’ve been a big fan of Camille’s work for a long time and her amazing new cactus cuff cements her status as a creative and ingenious PC artist extraordinaire!

      • reply Camille Young ,

        This really made my day. The cuff was modeled after a small cactus that planted itself in the yard and the eyeglass leash was a gift for my lovely mom in law. Thank you so much for the kind words!

        • reply Adriana (ClayCatShop) ,

          Wow, this is one of those pieces that break with the ordinariness! Wonderful and unique! Love it! 🙂

          • reply Sera ,

            OMG look at that leather! The barb wire has totally inspired me to experiment with my own recipes – what a fabbo look 😀

            • reply Gera Chandler ,

              WONDERFUL!! Can I say kick-ass here?

              • reply PJ ,

                Both are FANTABULOUS!!!!

                • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

                  Patty’s work is awesome! She is such a gift to the polymer community and a dear friend! Gratz, hun!

                  Absolutely love the cactus and barbed wire, too – such creative inspirations – what will folks think of next!

                  • reply Barbara Sosna ,

                    Thanks so much for mentioning that Camille lives in Tucson. I was able to email her and invite her to a meeting of the Tucson PC Guild. She accepted our invitation! Yeah
                    Barbara sosna, Pres., Tucson PC Guild

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