Tutorials unravel the mysteries

Rebecca Watkins unravels the mystery of her textured beads with a quick (and free) visual tutorial. Her methods and tools may surprise you. She shows more examples on her Etsy site.

You may also enjoy the step-by-step look that Tory Hughes offers on her most recent “Tahitian Flora”¬†project. It’s educational to watch as she sketches her project before she begins.

Look closely and you’ll see that she forms the pieces into shallow cups in order to mimic the blossoms. She presses the flat pieces against her knuckle and bakes them on a paper cone to achieve a gentle shape. Tory promises another look at stringing as this project progresses.

  • reply Rebecca (Artybecca) ,

    PCD is one of the first sites I check in the morning to see what’s new — what a nice surprise to see myself there! Thanks Cynthia!

    • reply Rebecca (Artybecca) ,

      And I just checked out Tory’s page — beautiful colors on that necklace. The little paper cut-outs are a great planning tool for getting started on a project and saving a lot of trial-and-error time. I never tried it before…it’s just been added to my brain’s “try this next time” file! thanks!

      • reply Priscilla ,

        Wow–you always manage to find these generous artists who are willing to share their innovative techniques. I never cease to be amazed at the versatility of polymer and the inventiveness of those who use it.

        • reply Susan Detwiler ,

          I am always grateful for the sharing and generosity of the polymer clay community. Thank you to both Tory and Rebecca for the tutorials. And thanks Cynthia for bringing them to us!

          • reply Anita Brandon ,

            WOW, Rebecca’s beads are really unique and stunning . It was so nice to see how they were creatively made. A threaded bolt? Who would have guessed.

            Also wonderful to to be invited “behind the scenes” at Tory’s studio; see her beautiful work and be inspired by her unique perspective on life, creativity, art, how she plans out a piece, etc.

            Cynthia:Thanks for bringing it all to us!

            • reply Jo Berreth ,

              Interested in improving what little techniques I have. Thank you. jo

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