Letting polymer do the heavy lifting

Celie Fago admits that the high cost of silver was inhibiting her work until she asked herself, “Why not take this as a challenge and let the other materials do the heavy lifting?”

In response she began remaking heavy clasps and other carved solid silver pieces out of polymer embellished with little bits of metal clay.

Here you see one of her signature Ouroboros toggle clasps as she used to make it and as she’s making it now. She’s one of a growing number of artists who are using the rise in prices to nourish their creativity and revisit polymer clay. Read her full explanation. See more of her polymer/metal work in her Etsy shop.

Tending your garden

How does your garden grow? Illinois’ Zuda Gay Pease creates wearable polymer dahlias, sunflowers and other garden delights that require no weeding. She’s added leaves and buds to her line of pendants and beads. Enjoy this summer weekend.

  • reply claire maunsell ,

    So glad that you featured Celie’s work. Findings are the major obstacle to the completion of work, I find, and designing them is not as easy as it looks. With polymer, there is always the strength and flexibility to be considered and Celie’s wonderful marriage of metal and polymer addresses this admirably!

    • reply genevieve ,

      I think for the artist limitations encourage creativity. Its great to see Celie’s versions side by side.

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        Necessity is the Mother of invention and Celie has certaily taken the challenge and creatively found the perfect solution.I think it really works well and I like the new versions at least as well, and probably more.

        Zuda’s “flower garden” is bright and beautiful and I find her floral treasures so appealing and beautifuly crafted.

        • reply Wendy wallin Malinow ,

          As always, Celie comes up with an elegant solution, merging different materials in a seamless way, not visually or artistically compromising in the least….

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