Bounty from the polymer patch

Roberta Mohar’s garden is full of polymer vegetables – including pumpkins!

In an earlier PCD post we admired her Hokkaido pumpkin-shaped beads and she’s just uploaded a beautiful tutorial (in English and Slovenian) for you to enjoy. It’s worth the wait for the download.

The shape reminded me of Moroccan pouf ottomans and I promptly tried it for my own new beads below. Lucky for us we can now pick up the finer points in her free tutorial.

Her latest crop of garden flowers is most easily viewed on her Flickr page.

Roberta’s story about how her husband fabricated a motor for her pasta machine will make you appreciate thoughtful husbands and the easy access some of us have to equipment. Got a motor (or a thoughtful spouse)? Go hug it.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    I like what you did with your poofs, Cynthia! So much more interesting with the added colors and shapes!

    • reply Norma ,

      The pumpkin beads are gorgeous! The tutorial is very helpful even by just looking at the pictures. Great find!

      • reply Roberta ,

        Thanks again, Cynthia.
        Your pumpkin beads look absolutely awsome, great idea!!
        Best regards to you and all your readers from Slovenia

        • reply Cindy ,

          I took a look at the motorized pasta machine. I have a very inventive hubby too. I tired a regular pasta machine motor. I broke it. The plastic gears inside just couldn’t handle it. I bought another one, swearing that I would be nicer to it, but no matter how nice I am sometimes the clay gets bunched up and those pastic gears snap!
          I was determined to find a cheaper (pasta motors are $100 a pop!) way to free my hands from the crank handle. I saw the video using a juicer as the motor. Tried that didn’t work. By this time my husband is totally involved, to protect me more than anything. He thought I was going to get hurt experimenting with high speed motorized devices. He’s probably right!
          I will take pics and post them on my blog for all to see:

          Beady things,

          • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

            Those are pretty wonderful beads. The do look like a high tech vegetable garden.

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