New ways for old shapes

Slovenia’s Roberta Mohar gives a new twist to familiar techniques with her large flattened spiral extrusion beads. Her pumpkin-shaped beads are cleverly formed from three balls of clay that have been folded and joined.

Roberta brings her own sensibilities to otherwise standard methods of bead making. Look closely at her Flickr and Facebook offerings and you’ll see new life breathed into familiar techniques.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Roberta’s unique, innovative and appealing work is a wonderful tribute to the amazing versatility of the PC medium in the hands of a creative artist. I find her Hokaido pumpkin-like bead shapes especially attractive.

    • reply Elizabeth Collins ,

      Your work is beautiful – so unusual and refreshing!

      • reply Roberta ,

        Thanks for this post, Cynthia. I love your work and follow your blog for quite some time. It’s an honor to be mentioned here.
        Thanks Anita and Elizabeth for kind comments as well.
        Best regards,

        • reply Bounty from the polymer patch ,

          […] an earlier PCD post we admired her Hokkaido pumpkin-shaped beads and she’s just uploaded a beautiful tutorial […]

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