Your Fimo godmother

A Modern Media Comes of Age says Jill DeDominicis in her article about polymer clay in the current issue of Ornament Magazine. The article, which is available online, gives you a comprehensive look at where we’ve come since the first FIMOIK kit hit the shelves in Germany back in 1954. Fimo made its way to the U.S. in 1966.

Few will recognize Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse, the inventor of Fimo, pictured here with her two children. The article’s timeline is particularly interesting and contains lovely examples.

Knowing your ancestry is important because here at PCD you and I are in the business of stretching the timeline forward and adding new names.

The Ornament article is prelude to the Racine Art Museum’s upcoming Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads exhibit which promises to be another groundbreaking event.

  • reply Margit Böhmer ,

    Ornament is a wonderful magazine with stunning photographs, I am a subscriber for years and each issue is a pleasure and a wonderful inspirational source. I was enthused while reading this article some days ago, hope the next issue will come soon….

    • reply Avril ,

      Interesting but what I don’t understand is why they left 2003 out of the timeline. Is this an oversight or was nothing of any artist merit made that year?

      • reply Alisa R. ,

        It’s just the kind of validation that polymer clay deserves!

        • reply Melinda Hayes ,

          Wonderful article. As a relative newbie to polymer clay it was great way to learn some of the history behind this fun medium.

          • reply Jan Montarsi ,

            Thanks for posting Cynthia, Im sure this artical will be referanced for years!

            • reply Trina Williams ,

              What a great comprehensive article. Good research by the author. When I did my history for pcPolyzine in the early 2000’s there weren’t nearly the resources we have today. A wonderful boost for our medium!

              • reply Anita Brandon ,

                Such a terrific and informative article. I found the visual timeline fascinating. Thank you “Ornament Magazine”, one of my favorites.

                • reply Laurel Steven ,

                  How awesome is that???? Validation!!!

                  • reply Ann Davis ,

                    Thanks for the heads up!! I’ll go get it!!! Wow what an amazing timeline!!! Fun stuff!!!

                    • reply suzie thompson ,

                      Hello? Great Validation for polymer but not all of it’s Artist’s. There was not one word, picture or cudos for Donna Kato. She has made many paths in Polymer and has inspired many more than that.

                      • reply Ernie ,

                        No article on polymer clay could be complete that totally ignores the contributions Donna Kato has made to polymer clay with her artistry and in introducing polymer clay to hugh numbers of people through her television appearances.

                        • reply cindy ,

                          interesting article – it is wonderful to see how far the art has come! I’m amazed at how many people still don’t know much about polymer clay. Not only was Donna Kato left out (maybe because she has since developed her own clay that competes with Fimo???) but also Grant Diffendaffer was not mentioned…I was glad to see that Dan Cormier was mentioned though…I guess it’s hard to mention everyone…

                          • reply Kathryn Ottman ,

                            Cynthia…thanks so much for sharing this article! Wow…didn’t realize PC had been around since ’54! I plan to get to the RAM exhibit in October…opening weekend. As always, you bring us the best and latest on polymer…just amazing!

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