Connecting the dots

Could you commit to a cane as big as this Guinea Fowl? Switzerland’s Teia Fetescu and Mario Hubak give us a step-by-step glimpse at their work which includes yards of black and white dot canes.

An ambitious undertaking like this creates a flock that may hang around the studio for a long time!

Since Teia and Mario don’t show their cane reduction process, here’s a 15-pound face cane that Bob Paris and Nancy Bundy reduced in 2003. It’s still fun to watch.

If you look closely, you’ll see how Nancy dressed up the faces by adding a variety of hat, fabric and flower canes. You have to admire what it takes to think big! Have a big beautiful weekend.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    One AMAZING cane. So fascinating to see the behind the scenes process. Reducing the beauty will be some job. Bob Paris’ successful 15 pound reduction was one athletic feat which boggles my mind.

    • reply Teia ,

      Thanks so much for this entry! We are happy to see our guinea fowl getting famous 🙂 The reduction went really smooth, not too much scrap neither. I just didn’t get to take any pictures. Next time 🙂 Have a great weekend!

      • reply Hazel ,

        That’s amazing (and good to now it reduced well too!)! I can never quite wrap my head around the sheer scale of these types of cane 😉

        • reply Hazel ,

          Oh my god, I can’t believe I missed the ‘k’ off the ‘know’ in the above comment – as a grammar lover, it looks awful sitting up there!

          • reply suzanne ,

            what a find on this PCD the fowl cane and all their
            work is just amazing!!
            i have never ever seen such a huge cane like Bob’s
            and what a job reducing it!!

            • reply JeannieK ,

              I could commit to a cane that large, but the real question is, could I do it? I think not!

              • reply Back into Business | claycorner ,

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