Shared techniques, singular styles

When Betsy Baker, Melanie West and Melanie Muir had a confab recently, they rubbed off on each other. Though the three artists take a similar organic approach to polymer, each has a distinct signature style and their works would never be confused with each other.

This bright fuchsia mokume gane bracelet by Melanie Muir reflects her environs in Scotland while Melanie West chooses the Maine coast for her inspiration. When Betsy takes a stab at the same technique, it has a refined, urbane Bostonian air about it.

One thing the three polymer artists share is a high standard of finishing and a laser focus on detail. Enjoy browsing their sites.

  • reply donna Greenberg ,

    I had the pleasure of working alongside Melanie Muir at Kathleen Dustin’s workshop in RI. Her work is always elegant and crisp. The colors in this piece are delicious. Very nice article about all 3 fine artists.

    • reply Janie ,

      I just love the work of all three of them. Their incredible finishes are also one the things that I love about their work. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching them work when they got together!

      • reply Sarah ,


        • reply Seth L Savarick ,

          So great to wake up to three of my favorite ladies.

          • reply Melanie Muir ,

            Cynthia, thank you so much for the lovely story! It was a very brief but immensely inspiring time together. It’s one of the things I love about the PC community – they are all so sharing, encouraging and supportive.

            • reply mcaggarwal ,

              dear,please tell that what are the ingradients of polymer clay ?

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