Polymer that’s none of the above

This polymer pendant from Canada’s NoneOfTheAbove speaks of summer and sunflowers and, who are we kidding, tweezers. Do you suppose she plans her geometry or does it evolve as in nature?

Notice that the small dots of color are graduated in color and size. Each dot is textured. Her Etsy shop is full of examples in a range of colors and patterns. The almost mandala-like patterns have a meditative and soothing effect. Have a soothing weekend.

  • reply Lisa Mackin ,

    That is incredible! Looks like it took a long time and a lot of patience. Worth it though – beautiful!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Incredibly beautiful…… and mind bogging from a construction perspective. Talk about patience. I’m in awe.

      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

        Her precision is remarkable.

        • reply Helen Breil ,

          Wow this artist lives about an hour from me and I’ve never see her work or heard of her before. We’re a pretty small community of clayers up here. Very strking pendants – and the precision involved! What is your name mystery “NoneoftheAbove”?

          • reply JeannieK ,

            Some of them look like they vibrate when you look at them from the center out.

            • reply Diane Bruce ,

              Gorgeous work! Where have you been hiding?

              • reply Millie ,

                How exciting!! This is my daughter’s work!! Her name is Susan!

                • reply Kay Olson ,

                  These are wonderful, some look like she took a doily from the back of one of my Grandma’chair. Really great work

                  • reply Susan aka Noneoftheabove ,

                    Wow, thank you so much for featuring my shop here! And thank you all for the really kind comments! 😀

                    • reply JuLee ,

                      How does she do it???? WOW!!!!

                      • reply becksnyc (Rebecca Lappin) ,

                        I am stunned by the detail in such tiny scale! Evokes images of galaxies and snowflakes and, oh, remember spirographs? Absolutely AMAZING!

                        • reply suzanne ,

                          wow, Susan’s aka Noneoftheabove’s jewelry is amazing!
                          they remind me of doilies i’ve seen made by artists,
                          but this is so soothing to look at and the precision is

                          • reply Pam ,


                            • reply Pam ,

                              I had to have one, it came today, incredible, Susan did a custom order for me, I am amazed. . . and bought another!

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