Signature earrings

These melon-colored glow earrings from Lindly Haunani are summer favorites. The beauty of the pinched petal design and black-outlined gradations made them Niche Award winners and help tell Lindly’s story.

Her Hawaiian heritage and color expertise shine through in the floral shapes. If you’d watched her assemble the slices, you’d also have caught a glimpse of how her training in mise en place preparation in the kitchen translates to polymer production.

All the parts are cooked, sorted and ready. You can see her hands following the recipe here.

I interviewed Lindly for the first edition of the StudioMojo newsletter, the new weekend edition of PCD that’s full of behind-the-scenes fun stuff. She tells a fascinating story and cautions you not to wait to become an artist. Sign up for Studio Mojo and check out her interview in the archives.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    There are no two people I admire more in our community than Lindly and Cynthia! Lindly shares her calm and generous knowledge in a way that makes me want to be a better artist and person. Cynthia inspires me each day, keeping me in touch with what is happening globally – and what a great way to expand that inspiration – A weekend missive from her! I signed up immediately! Thank you Cynthia for all you do for us – I want to be you when I grow up!!! (too bad Les, I called it first!)

    • reply meisha ,

      Lindly, I adore the colors you’ve assembled here. Lindly is a generous teacher, and beautiful soul. Hope to see you in September Lindly!

      • reply Kimberly Arden ,

        Thank you Cynthia! It sounds perfect! I also signed up immediately. Pretty much copy what Judy said in my comment box too. A weekend missive!!!! Thank you Cynthia!!!! And since Judy Belcher is going to be you when she grows up, I guess I’ll be Judy.

        • reply Valerie ,

          The talent in our polymer clay community astounds me at times. I am always in awe of Lindly’s talent which looks so effortless, but I know the work it entails.

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