This Piranha Plant earring could take a bite out of your Monday. Arizona’s Elizabeth Kohn makes polymer accessories for Super Mario Brothers fans.

Or if you prefer, you can picture Little Shop of Horrors’ Audrey and “Feed me, Seymour.” Either way, this lobe-eating earring will wake up your week.

Elizabeth makes Pokemon, Nintendo and other gamer icons in polymer too. Since her Etsy shop in June she’s been so popular with the geeky crowd that she’s having trouble keeping up!

  • reply Tavostia ,

    Such amusing!

    • reply Charity ,

      These are really cute, and looking through her Etsy site, she does them well. I have a friend who likes to make little clay sculptures of some of her favorite cartoon characters. I’m curious, though — what are the copyright implications in reproducing characters like these? Especially where she’s profiting from the work… If I were Nintendo, I might feel I had the right to be upset. But I really don’t have any idea what the copyright laws are for something like this. Anyone else?

      • reply Leona ,

        I think as long as she doesn’t use thir name she is fine. Etsy has lot of people that copy looks and not names. They use words like Mario inspired. Lol. At any rate, these are awesome.

      • reply Rose ,

        Definitely copyright infringement. Not worth the court costs.

        • reply Lucine ,

          Without a doubt it is a copyright violation. I’m surprised Etsy is letting her sell them.

          • reply Barbara ,

            These earrings are adorable – what an imagination. A little envious of Elizabeth’s agreement/contract w/Nintendo’s Mario Brothers. I’ll have to take another look.

            • reply Heather ,

              Hilarious and CleverQ!

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