Cathedral-inspired polymer

When you consider that Julie Eakes created a 2,000-color-combination palette in Photoshop before embarking on her extruded polymer DaVinci portrait cane, you can appreciate why it took her a year and a 16-day cruise before she hit upon the right inspiration for the proper frame for her mosaic’s slices.

And what better inspiration than an Italian cathedral?

The new elaborate frames require more caning, repeated sanding and multiple bakings. By this point, we’ve given up calculating the hours. You do what you have to do.

The pieces come with a terrific story. Julie thinks that no one ever looks at her blog so be sure to leave a comment to show her that we care. Have an inspired weekend!

  • reply Bettina ,

    I just love Julie’s amazing mosaic canes. I was so lucky to win a pair of her earrings with this exact pattern in the auction at the IPCA retreat;)

    • reply Hazel ,

      Absolutely awe-inspiriring.

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        I was on Julie’s website a couple of days ago and read through the article. She is absolutely amazing, isn’t she? I devote a lot of time to my work, but I could never imagine spending the hours Julie does crafting her masterpieces. All you have to do is look at these latest pieces to understand the meaning of “passion to create.” My jaw is still on the floor, Miss Julie!

        • reply Ania Brandon ,

          Her intricate work with such amazingly meticulous designs is awesome. The “Lady” is lovely….not to mention well framed! The whole piece is perfection.

          • reply Julie Eakes ,

            Thanks for the post, Cynthia. Thanks also for all of the kind words. I woke up to several nice emails. I actually almost have a complete necklace finished. Watch my blog for pictures.

            • reply carissa nichols ,

              Lots of time, effort, passion and sweat. It’s people like Julie that give the rest of us goals to reach for.

              • reply Penny B. ,

                Fantastic…jaw dropping detail. I have added Julie to my blog reader. Thanks!

                • reply Janie ,

                  I’ve always loved Julie’s canes, but oh my, her frames are a work of art all by themselves! Congrats on a well deserved feature Julie!

                  • reply jana ,

                    Kudos to Julie for waiting it out, and taking time to find the ‘just right’ frame for her masterpiece. She’s pulled it off beautifully. Julie has an ability with canes like none other…I marvel at her abilities.

                    • reply suzanne ,

                      awesome, inspiring, beautiful!
                      i can slowly get my jaw up again.
                      i will also check out her site more often!

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