Gera Scott Chandler shows her “starter sheet” of polymer that ends up covering a series of her fusion bangles.

The luminous sheet is a sandwich of polymer, foils, translucent clay and alcohol inks. Loose graphic designs are stamped and scored into the clay.

The big sheet is cut into pieces which are fitted and smoothed over bangle bases.

The black polymer bases underneath make the overlay glow like faux stained glass. Socket joints stretch and close easily over the elastic that holds them together.

A starter sheet is an efficient way to produce a series of companion pieces. It helps, of course, to begin with a signature palette and lots of experience with foils and inks. You’ll see what I mean when you study the colors in Gera’s Flickr site.

  • reply Kayleigh ,

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Her work is amazing, love it all!

    • reply Eva ,

      Beautiful post!!! Gera’s bangle are one of my favorite reference for its clever construction…i love the idea of bangles suiting each wrist.
      Work of colors is Gera’s signature…respect…
      Thank you Cynthia!

      • reply jan montarsi ,

        I love you color pallet !!! Seeing your work on Flickr several months ago Inspired me to “boldly go” where I hadn’t before !!

        • reply Gera Chandler ,

          Hi Cynthia! Thanks for showing the before and after views of my Fusions process. I can’t think of a nicer way to start my week than finding myself in PCD!

          • reply Colie ,

            Love the colors! Off to check you out Gera!

            • reply Pieced polymer 2 ,

              […] last week as I prepared a big sheet of polymer for inlay into a walnut bowl turned by my husband. Gera imagines stained glass while I gravitate to quilts and textiles. We took two very different paths and both ended up with […]

              • reply Beverly Jane ,

                Amazing work everyone. I am amazed at the “quilted” piece over the beautiful wooden bowl. Very clever lady and the results are wonderful. A true family heirloom.

                • reply Sera ,

                  Is there a layer of transluscent over this chaotic harmony of colour? It looks – as always – like a summer carnivale. I’m thinking there must be transluscent because of the beautiful finish on the bangles…but its hard to pick on the sheet!

                  • reply Sandra Davis ,

                    Thank you for show us, the beutiful art that we can make from polymer clay.

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