I was on Gera Scott Chandler’s wavelength last week as I prepared a big sheet of polymer for inlay into a walnut bowl turned by my husband. Gera imagines stained glass while I gravitate to quilts and textiles. We took two very different paths and both ended up with an efficient way to cover a lot of ground.

I prepared enough polymer to have inlay for two bowls from one sheet. My starting point is a patchwork of solid polymer colors at random angles. These backgrounds are loaded up with small cane slices, faux stitching, and pieces of hex glitter.

The strips of pattern cut from the sheet are layed into the bowl, textured and fired with a heat gun.

  • reply Wendy Moore ,

    So gorgeous Cynthia. It is great when you show what you are creating! I’d love to see those pumpkin beads that are shyly hiding on the table! Now we just need a nice shot of you, Blair and the babies.

    • reply Marian Hertzog ,

      Very pretty and interesting. Does it take long to use the heat gun to cure the clay? Love the patterns and colors. Thanks for sharing your work too!

      • reply Cara Jane ,

        What a beautiful bowl! you make a good team!
        love the pattern you’ve developed from the patchwork background

        • reply Ann Shea-Smith ,

          Beautiful patterns on the bowl! I hadn’t heard of using a heat gun to adhere the polymer to surfaces. Will be something new to research for me. Thanks for sharing your personal work for our inspiration!

          • reply Christine Dumont ,

            A gorgeous collaboration!

            • reply dawn ,

              Oh my! That is just beautiful! I would love a bowl like that – I would give a it a go, if only my boyfriend could turn a bowl 🙂 Great work! 🙂

              • reply carissa ,

                Cynthia, thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Always such a treat.

                • reply Scott ,

                  Somebody is really patient to cure the PC with a heatgun and not damage the wood.
                  Do you sand the PC as well?
                  Really unique and wonderful work, both of you!

                  • reply Peg Harper ,

                    Too cool, Cynthia! It embodies so many things a quilt can be; material sparing, time saving, great way to use “leftovers” (although there’s no such thing in PC).
                    I always enjoy seeing your creations. Just like JRB’s work, it makes my fingers itch!!!!

                    • reply Kit Lockwood ,

                      I love these bowls. A lovely pairing of materials. I’m curious about the faux stitching for the quilt pieces. What is that?

                      • reply Laura Lang ,

                        Great pattern and color! I am also curious about those cute pumpkin beads hiding in the shadows…

                        • reply cynthia ,

                          Kit – This closeup is a little too close for comfort but you get the gist of my “stitching” canes (zig-zags and such) that I use on the borders. I thought about using a tool to simulate stitches but ended up texturing the whole thing so that I wouldn’t have to sand.


                          • reply Deb Raita ,

                            Absolutely gorgeous. Great color palette and patterns. It makes me want to get to work.

                            • reply Anita Brandon ,

                              What a spectacular bowl! With your combine talents you have created something truly beautiful. I love seeing the back-story to pieces.

                              • reply Gera Chandler ,

                                Lovely piece Cynthia! Your colour choices are perfect too- such a rich effect!

                                • reply Sue Urich ,

                                  What are hex glitter and where does one purchase it/them.

                                  • reply slenz ,

                                    What a lovely collaborative effort. The turned bowl seems to need that lyrical edge and at first glance, it looks enameled. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. I will not have the luxury of a turned bowl to try this beautiful technique, but ceramics or glass bowl definitely accessible. How long would you aim the heat gun at the PC to know that it is cured?

                                    • reply Mickey Palos ,

                                      WOW!! Beautiful work.

                                      • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                                        Cynthia, what a lovely piece! The polymer clay inlay and turned wood complement each other so well! I had no idea polymer clay could be cured with a heat gun…what a novel idea!

                                        • reply suzanne ,

                                          hi Cynthia.
                                          that is a very lovely piece, the bowl and your border! my, the bowl is rather
                                          large. i do love your start out point. what a lovely sheet with so many beautiful
                                          colors and patterns. it gives me inspiration to also give it a try.thank you so
                                          much for sharing your art!

                                          • reply pati bannister ,

                                            What a wonderful technique and a beautiful marriage ……

                                            • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

                                              As always, a beautiful piece! Love the pairing of the wood and polymer clay. What is hex glitter and why is it preferable to other glitters for this technique?

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