We finish the week with Bettina Welker’s jellyfish earrings that look like they were made to go with Wendy Malinow’s beach glass necklace from Tuesday’s post. Have we spotted a translucent trend? Are sea creatures in floating to the top (bad pun) in the polymer world?

Bettina’s graceful hollow forms covered by delicately colored cane slices gracefully mimic the sea creatures. Find more jellyfish here.

Next week we move from the sea to the mountains. There won’t be many words from me and I’m hoping for great pictures. I’m hoping your weekend goes swimmingly!

  • reply Lupe Meter ,

    Bettina never seems to amaze me! I love her creations and these are absolutely beautiful!

    • reply Lupe Meter ,

      Too early in the morning I guess for me. I mean Bettina works always amazes me!! Quite a gifted artist!

      • reply Sylvia ,

        Aaahhhhhh. SO beautiful. And improbable. I’m torn between desperately wanting Ms Welker do do a class in these on CraftEDU, and taking the secret of these to her grave. Who else could possibly do these so well?

        • reply Kit Lockwood ,

          So delicate looking. Are they as thin and fragile as they seem? Just lovely.

          • reply Dede Leupold ,

            Bettina’s earrings are lovely, and I was loving Wendy’s necklace too. Time to get some of that Pardo to play and combine my little Kauai shells with.
            Have a fun creative time next week. Missing you all!

            • reply Priscilla ,

              I normally don’t love jellyfish since I was stung by one, but these are so delicate and beautiful with not a poisonous barb in sight!

              • reply Wendy wallin Malinow ,

                Ooh, these are so pretty….I’m wondering how thin they are too…
                I hope our sea creatures don’t rise to the top, I think they’re usually dead when that occurs! I was stung once in the Greek islands and once in the Pacific, but I still love ’em. Thanks for the inspiration!
                (hi dede!)

                • reply Sandra F. Davis ,

                  I like the jellyfish earring there are beautiful and elegant.
                  Then you, Cynthia

                  • reply Bettina ,

                    Thanks for the feature, Cynthia:)
                    I didn’t see Wendy’s seaglass last wek…they really would go great together!!!

                    • reply suzanne ,

                      Bettina”s work is so amazing and inspiring!
                      these jelly fish are so very lovely and they look so
                      thin and translucent. i’m sure they are beautiful
                      dangling from one’s ears!

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