Polymer Cornucopia

It’s October! We’ll try to ease you gently into this season’s creepy, scarey polymer art with a look at Suzicq’s voodoo doll with her basket of charms. Suzicq specializes in small art dolls (check out Fred, Ethel Mae and Lola) and fairie houses. She’s new to PCD and was sent to us by Claire Maunsell.

Lance Perry (CrescentHillDesigns) offers another light look at Halloween with a candy corn cottage which is part of his Cornucopia Village.

Look for Lance’s Alfred Hitchcock Moon Man Sculpture in the current issue of Somerset Studio!

  • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

    Honestly, I think a lot of us live for this time of year, to see how the Halloween theme inspires clever artists (and to see what you post on the subject, for all of us to see, Cynthia). As far as I am concerned, Lance Perry already has won “Best Use of Candy Corn.”

    • reply carissa ,

      I agree with Cassy! And I just love the VooDoo Doll. Creepy Cute Creatures are my favorite! Thanks again for sharing Cynthia.

      • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

        I received one of the Voodoo Doll last year and made it into a ring. It is one of my favorite.

        • reply LaLa ,

          Yay! I LOVE Halloween! I LOVE creepy! I also LOVE when you feature dolls and figures!

          Ponsawan just inspired me to make a voodoo doll ring. Now I am jealous and have to have one of my own! It’s on Ponsawan! ;P

          • reply Sandra Davis ,

            I like the Halloween dolls. It inspires me to work more .

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