Polymer pumpkinseeds

Oregon’s Janell Berryman is the creator of Little Pumpkinseeds characters including these mummy and steampunkin originals. Her polymer Pumpkinseeds have grown and changed as she’s sculpted them over 15 years and some of her pieces have been commercially reproduced.

Mummy man is six inches tall and the punkin is about the size of an apple. Breeze through her Etsy site, website and Facebook page to get the full treatment.

Gypsy class tonight

Release your inner gypsy as you learn to make vintage textile replicas in polymer and turn them into colorful clanking bangles or exotic necklaces. My Craftcast online class starts at 8:00 ET with full recordings available afterward. Join us!

  • reply Eva ,

    Please, what time is it for France?

    • reply cynthia ,

      2:00 a.m.! Oh my!


      • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

        That pumpkin and its silver top is killer.

        • reply Eva ,

          sure it was a very interesting workshop!!!
          thank you Cynthia!

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