Wearing polymer finery

These long slinky ecru earrings from New Mexico’s Barb Fajardo would look good with the jacket I packed for the RAM show. I’m guessing that Barb used the sprigging or Sutton slice technique to place the delicate contrasting flower pattern on the black background. Take a look at the roll that Barb’s been on lately. Don’t miss her cut and replace teaser.

I wear others’ polymer work every day without fail. It dawned on me that I’ll have to wear my own work at the RAM show! Pier Voulkos once revealed that she too had a hard time wearing her own pieces. Do you wear your work comfortably and proudly?

I headed back to my studio to whip up something appropriately dramatic and sparkly. Look for photographs of RAM visitors in all their finery over the next few posts. I’m off on a roadtrip to Wisconsin!

Why Polymer? – from RAM director Bruce Pepich

Is polymer on the rise? Why did the Racine Art Museum decide it was time to “break boundaries” with this new collection? How are museum goers reacting? Bruce Pepich and Craftcast’s Alison Lee discuss this and more in a free podcast available online on Friday.



  • reply Eva ,

    Really love the way it is hung on!!!
    Thank you Cynthia for reminding us this technique and i love to see symmetry with earrings…when the body is the axis!!!

    • reply Susan Nicklin ,

      Beautiful earrings. Thank you for a wonderful class last night on Craftcast.
      I appreciate you sharing your techniques and those you’ve learned from others.
      PCD is indeed daily inspiration and learning opportunities for me!

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Yep, I wear my own work and the work I collect — and the combination of the two which includes a three-string bead necklace made of miscellaneous beads, my own and purchased and swapped and gifts — which is the single most admired piece I wear! It always elicits many comments every time I wear it!

        • reply Barb Fajardo ,

          Many thanks for giving my work a feature today Cynthia…and also for offering a name for the technique. Sprigging sounds so much nicer than “I just roll little bits of clay and stick them on” ! xo

          • reply Trina Williams ,

            I wear my own work but when push comes to shove my Sarah Shriver earrings win out. I have the curse of having to match-jewelry with outfits so I tend to buy outfits that go with my stash.

            • reply Susan Kunze ,

              I’ve always thought that If I’m making and selling jewelry I shouldn’t go out without wearing a piece of my own. Now that I’m taking a vacation from jewelry I’m having much more fun wearing other artists’ polymer clay pieces.

              • reply Wendy Wallin Malinow ,

                Ooh, I like what Barb is doing these days, too modest about technique….
                I wear my own work all of the time…. especially since most of my work doesn’t sell! I also so love wearing others’ work. Right now, Leslie Blackford’s two headed deer pendant (it’s SO cool…) is on heavy rotation. I also love wearing a brooch by Maggie M, a few pieces by Pier, Elise, Cynthia T, and Cynthia T2, the list goes on and on. People always notice these pieces, it’s great that Racine is paying tribute to our work this week. I’m so envious of those that get to attend….take many pictures, please. Cynthia, please post a pix of whatever sparkly bauble you come up with, OK? Bon voyage! sparkle on….

                • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                  barbs earrings are very classy and very versatile. Nobody would guess they were polymer.
                  As to wearing my own creations – yes, I do, but that does not make me comfortable self-promoting. However I had interesting experiences on a recent trip road testing some some carved very faux ivory bangles. What intrigued me were the unlikely strangers commenting and actually asking how they were made – like a young Chinese man in an airport bookshop. I wore matching bracelet and necklaces with extruded flowers in dramatic ecru, black and brown. I should have carried gift wrapped spare sets in my hand luggage.

                  • reply MOMENToCOMPLEMENTo ,

                    magnific work!!!!!! wow^^

                    • reply Julie eakes ,

                      Cynthia, I am headed to Racine so I will see you there. I too don’t often wear my own jewelry. I need to make something that goes with t-shirt and jeans. I did make sure to have something to wear this weekend though.

                      • reply jeanniek ,


                        • reply Darcy Walker ,

                          Wearing my own stone or polymer clay jewelry is my main form of advertising. It helps crafters start a conversation with me, and helps me proselytize, excuse me, *introduce* polymer clay and related subjects (Etsy) to people who may not have heard of them.

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