These Embrace beads by Steven Ford and David Forlano showed up in a recent blog post about how their work touches on themes similar to those in the Art Nouveau period. They share a focus on organics and a sense of movement as illustrated in these luscious new beads.

RAM Redux

A slideshow about the Racine Art Museum gala is up for your enjoyment. In my excitement I simply pointed my phone camera (somewhat shakily) and started snapping. Please forgive omissions and silliness.

A comprehensive recording of the event, the panel discussions and events will be available in the future. Pieces from the exhibit are thoroughly documented in the companion book. And the exhibit itself will be open to you until February 5. In the meantime, enjoy my hastily assembled 3-minute snack.

A video conversation with Pier Voulkos will be part of this weekend’s StudioMojo newsletter.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    Dang, those guys just keep finding cool new ideas, don’t they? Simple, elegant, interesting… Gotta love it!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Just viewed your slideshow. Now I’m really depressed that I couldn’t be there. Sniffle. Looks like a wonderful event.

      • reply David Forlano ,

        Thanks for the post. It was an exciting event and room full of big talent!

        • reply Kit Lockwood ,

          Oh, your slideshow was fun! Thank you, thank you for including labels letting us know who the people were. I knew some of them, but that was my first opportunity to see some of the artists whose names and work I have known and admired for so long! Very exciting! I, too, wish I could have been there. Had no idea Jeff Dever did a wall installation! Watching that short slide show & video, I felt like a kid looking through a magical window. Thanks for sharing the magic.

          • reply Dede Leupold ,

            I think you did a great job with your phone! Loved seeing those familiar faces and their fantastic work!

            • reply elise ,

              Thank you so much for this video, Cynthia. I was in a daze there but now I can revisit the experience through your eyes(-phone).

              • reply jan Montarsi ,

                Does the museum have a permanant collection ???
                thanks for the peeks at RAM Cynthia !!
                Beautiful beads gentlemen !!

                • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                  Cynthia, I thoroughly enjoyed the video of the RAM Terrence NOva exhibit. Thank you for being our eyes and ears!

                  • reply Norma ,

                    Love them. Intriguing!

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