Cutout, swap, repeat

Late at night Greece’s Klio Tsaliki (Klio1961) entertains herself by making simple polymer items using easy techniques, smart design and appealing color.You can catch the vibe on her Flickr page.

Especially on her sheets of pattern, you sense Klio’s playfulness as she repeats and repeats a pattern, then adds a surprising change to tease the eye.¬†She uses the sheets most effectively on big bangles, coasters and containers.

Look at all the cutout/swap/repeat patterns she’s amassed in her collection of panels. Her use of dots is intense. Someone’s having fun!

  • reply Sylvia ,

    Yay! PCD a whole hour early, because the UK clocks have gone back! And what a LOVELY way to start the day. And an unusual one to pick – most of her work is in really bright colours. This one makes me think of chameleons and dinosaurs.

    • reply Gadygem ,

      Fantastic work!!!

      • reply Pat Wex ,

        The swap-out piece is terrific, but reading on, I see the crackle paint info. You KNOW I’ll go get some of that stuff, don’t you?

        • reply jan Montarsi ,

          Fantastic !!!! Oh I’m so glad you posted Eleni’s work today!!!
          When I saw this the other day I must have went back 15 times to look at it!
          She has so much to look at on her 143 flickr pages, lots of great ideas !!

          • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

            ah…these colors are as soothing as tortilla soup on a chilly day….

            • reply Norma ,

              Ooo La la! How beautiful! I love the colors, simplicity and balance. Sometimes less is more. Less as in less techniques and just playful use of color.

              • reply Kit Pallesen ,

                What a gorgeous selection of colours… beautifully highlighted with such an elegant and simple design. I love it! I just want a whole canvas that looks like this to display on a wall somewhere!!

                • reply Paula Gilbert ,

                  These are such a delight to look at!

                  • reply suzanne ,

                    you can see her love of colors! she is a big inspiration for me.
                    i like her meditative side!

                    • reply Colie ,

                      great find! I love her colors and the texture and pattern- more patience than I have!

                      • reply Klio Tsaliki ,

                        Hi, this is klio 1961, (Eleni is my sister’s name, we used her name to open our etsy shop). I really want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Your nice comments are very encouraging. I am Greek, and Greece is experiencing very difficult moments, we all live in a nightmaire, so I need to bring some color in my life and keep the hope alive. Thank you all once again, please do no believe all these bad things that are said about Greece and Greeks.

                        • reply Barbara ,

                          What fun! I checked out her sight – love the rainbow colors. After all, I’m known as the “Rainbow Grandma”; I give each child a large crystal, accented with pertinent gemstones, for their 1st birthday. it hangs in their windows and each rainbow is a hug from Grandma.
                          Love it. Great talent, great ideas.

                          • reply Bringing color into life | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                            […] comment from Greece’s Klio Tsaliki from Wednesday’s post reminds us of our difficult global times and of the power of the creative spirit (and polymer) to […]

                            • reply Jursvi ,

                              great colors. Klio’s works are really inspiring!

                              • reply Brandice ,

                                Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flbabegsrating.

                                • reply eri ,


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