Bringing color into life

Hi, this is klio 1961, (Eleni is my sister’s name, we used her name to open our etsy shop). I really want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Your nice comments are very encouraging. I am Greek, and Greece is experiencing very difficult moments, we all live in a nightmaire, so I need to bring some color in my life and keep the hope alive. Thank you all once again, please do no believe all these bad things that are said about Greece and Greeks.

This comment from Greece’s Klio Tsaliki from Wednesday’s post reminds us of our difficult global times and of the power of the creative spirit (and polymer) to lift our spirits.

The sunny, cheerful artwork shown here is from France’s Celine Roumagnac who specializes in happy polymer vignettes. This one, Village in the Clouds, is captured under a glass dome.

Visit her Flickr pages for more sweetness, a slideshow of her little worlds and even a news video visit to her booth! Have a sweet weekend.

  • reply ~*Amber Dawn Goldish*~ ,

    I am a fan!

    • reply Jursvi ,

      how cute it is 🙂 Thanks!

      • reply Celinemosaik ,

        Hi !
        thank you all for your comments and sharing. we all know that life is hard, that’s why I use a lot of color. to free the mind and bring a little dream.

        • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

          So sweet!!!
          No, I don’t think we judge people by the stories in the press – the days when one could rely on the press to present matters in an unbiased way are long over.

          • reply kat ,

            It’s so wonderful !!!

            • reply Kit Pallesen ,

              :O These are AMAZING!!!! I can’t stop looking at her work… just incredible! The colours are just fabulous!!

              Is there an online store somewhere to buy these??

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