Easy-does-it faux dichroic

Florida’s Sherri Kelberg was going with the flow and watching I Love Lucy reruns when she created this faux dichroic polymer pendant. “When I just lose myself in what I’m creating, it seems to come out better,” she says. The drawback of this unplanned approach to art is that the process may be hard to replicate.

Sherri remembers that this latest project “…involves layering, with translucent clay, rainbow foils, and pearl canes. After I bake the pendant and it’s hot out of the oven, I plunge it in a bowl of ice water. This seems to help with the clarity of the final product.”

Then she sands followed by a vigorous buffing with a microfiber cloth. A coating of resin completes the look. Her easy-does-it reminder is a good way to start the week. See more on Sherri’s Flickr pages, her Etsy site and on Facebook.

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Sherri has been an online friend of mine for years. This piece is wonderful and proves the power of letting go and just creating. Love it Sherri.

    • reply Sherri Kellberg ,

      Thanks so much Alice! I think I have “Letting Go” down to a science!-lol

    • reply Marlene Brady ,

      I love her use of color. Great piece!

      • reply Sherri Kellberg ,

        Thanks so much Cynthia for featuring my Faux Dichroic pendant! I am just thrilled to be included with so many talented polymer clay artists!

        • reply Elsie ,

          Sherri does fabulous work!! So glad to see her featured here.

          • reply Sherri Kellberg ,

            Thank you Elsie! You know I feel the same about your creations:)

          • reply Magicka ,

            Fabulous work! I will go and check out her site now…

            I wonder when you put the piece in a bowl of ice water when it is still too hot, doesn’t the sudden temperature change lead to a fracture or a decrease in strength? I tried that with one piece and it led to some cracks on the surface… 🙁

            • reply Dawna Sharp ,

              This is absolutely gorgeous Sherri. The design, depth and colors bring about a remarkable piece!

              • reply Dawna Sharp ,

                I always enjoy viewing each and every work of art by Sherri. She is one talented lady. She is one of my inspirations. Here sense of colors and design are fabulous!

                • reply Christine Nicholls ,

                  Absolutely stunning! They are so beautiful. I love her use of colour it is amazing.

                  • reply Christine Nicholls ,

                    Beautiful! Absolutly amazing. I love her use of colours.

                    • reply Harriet young ,

                      I’d like VERY easy directions on make Dichroic looking beads using clay. Does your book address that kind of bead?

                      • reply geri ,

                        where do i get rainbow foils?

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