Taking yourself out of your usual surroundings can be an eye-opening experience. Here are three favorite places that combine beautiful surroundings with an inspirational learning experience.  Each of these places embraces and offers polymer clay workshops.

John Campbell Folk in the mountains of western NC, is “a place where folks come together to have a creative and fun learning experience.” They offer more than 800 workshops a year!

Artfest in Port Townsend WA, the original alternative arts retreat, offers a wealth of mixed media workshops. The beautiful location, evening events, as well as the finest teachers set this event apart. “People leave with a renewed sense of their artistic selves and a recharged battery.”

La Cascade, the artist retreat of Gwen Gibson in southern France, offers weeklong workshops in polymer clay and mixed media. (The photo is my polymer postcard from Provence.) The workshops take place in a beautiful medieval village with a studio open 24/7. Workshops combine field trips, food cooked by a chef and fabulous art-making.

guest post from Dayle Doroshow

  • reply doreen kassel ,

    These all look so wonderful! I’m teaching at Artfest next year & it will be the last year. A big blow out final Artfest is planned! Teesha has decided to explore other things & so she’s wrapping up that part of her creativity for now. She’ll still be making her amazing art & is just changing direction. I can’t wait to go to that wonderful place & teach & experience it!

    • reply dayle doroshow ,

      Thanks Doreen for your note about this being the last year of ArtFest! It has been a very special retreat and there’s still time to register for the event. I’ll look forward to connecting with you there!

    • reply Susan Detwiler ,

      Wow,I had no idea that this coming year was going to be the last ArtFest! I have gone several times and really, really loved it. I wasn’t planning on going this time, maybe I’ll have to change that!

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