Bushari’s chalk and polymer

When I first met Hilla Bushari several years ago at a guild meeting, I saw a sparkle in her eyes when she talked about polymer clay. Hilla started her journey in the crafts world as an art teacher. Over the years she experimented with various materials until she was taken over by polymer clay eight years ago.

She made polymer clay her profession three years ago after studying, taking classes with local and international teachers, and experimenting with materials, colors and designs.

Hilla works most mornings while listening to the radio, surprisingly not music but chit-chats. Sometimes, when the muse strikes, she can sneak back to the table late at night to create something new or to give a final touch to a previously made project.

Still searching for her path and personal voice and developing some marketing skills, Hilla is proud of her millefiori cane work, made in a technique she developed. Her Pandora beads are very popular in Etsy and her special stamping and chalk work is a color dance for the eye.

guest post fromĀ Iris Mishly

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Iris, I love Hilla’s style, these girls are wonderful and they sure make me smile. I’ll be spending some time on her site, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing Hilla with us.

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Whimsical, colorful, and delightful. Lovely floral cane work, too.

      • reply suzanne ,

        hi Iris! thanks for introducing Hila. her colors are so beautiful and i love the beads!

        • reply Beth Norman ,

          These are so cute.

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