Sweet dreams in polymer

Washington’s Sue Ellen records the essence of her nightly dreams in polymer and lets those sleeping faces speak their truth. Her Dreaming Muse Series involves creating one sleeping face a day that reflect the images, feelings and words of her dreams.

“How will the dreaming hours effect the waking ones? How will the observation of the nightly, subconscious stories, help to create the conscious ones I live in every day?” she asks herself.

My vivid jet-lagged dreams reminded me of this project that Ronna Weltman mentioned a while back. Sue Ellen’s been an actor, speech writer, career coach, corporate sales executive and more. Her introspective art fits comfortably with her interests.

My dream images deal with the clash of cultures as I try to integrate what I’ve learned in my travels into my life.

Sue Ellen’s been running her experiment since October. Her faces, tinted with alcohol inks and tucked among the rocks and plants in her garden, are intriguing. Take a look and have a restful weekend. I’m nearly back in the swing.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    What a creative and enlightening project of giving awareness to the subconscious day after day. I’m intrigued. I love just looking the various faces resting in their beautiful garden-y pillows, as well visually seeing the journey they represent.

    • reply ronna ,

      I met Sue Ellen when she took one of my classes, and now she is a dear friend. It is so fitting that today’s post is a follow-up to your journey, Cynthia. It’s amazing how our having fun with clay leads us to new friends and life-changing journeys.

      • reply Pati Bannister ,

        This is wonderful! Such sweet and funny and mysterious little dreamers. I’m also fascinated by the voluptuousness of the succulents, and just the tiniest sense of danger in their embrace of the sleepers.
        Thank you so much for sharing Sue Ellen’s dreams ….

        • reply Jay ,

          This lady is amazing. Looking at the images on her blog,you can actually ‘hear’ the pictures and ‘feel’ the words written below.Those Talking Heads really do have a lot to say. I found myself almost meditating as I looked at them. I looked at them more than once and found them different each time.

          • reply Sandra ,

            I like to have sweet dreams too. nice work

            • reply SANDRA ,

              Sweet dreams faces are cool to seem them in the garden.

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